With patented technologies and strict in-house quality controls, CAL-SAN guarantees consistent high-quality blueberry and cranberry products.

Dehydration Technology
Using out proprietary MiVac™ and Micro-Fusion Technology™ we are able to create a unique, all natural dehydrated fruit that retains its colour, shape, flavour and nutrients. The technology combines vacuum pressure and radiant energy and results in a low-temperature food dehydration process. The berries have excellent shelf-stability making the fruit ideal for use in a variety of health and food products.

Quality Control
CAL-SAN is committed to consistently producing high-quality dehydrated and frozen blueberry and cranberry products. From strict growing requirements, advanced selection and grading methods to internal quality programs, we manage the quality of the berries throughout the entire process to guarantee safe and healthy food products for our clients.



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